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the history of the Jewish People in North Carolina
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Jewish Heritage North Carolina

The Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina is the only statewide independent organization dedicated to collect, preserve and present the history of the Jewish people of our State. To serve our mission we honor our history, celebrate our culture, and connect our communities.

We seek to collect artifacts that recount the story of the Jewish people in North Carolina, present programs that educate and showcase the richness of Jewish life, and serve as a resource to connect and enhance our diverse Jewish communities as well as promote a familiarity with the culture and lifestyle of Jews to the general public.

Down Home Project

Synagogues & Temples in NC

Learn about the Jewish Synagogues & Temples in NC with an interactive map and directions.


Jewish Schools, Camps & College

Did you know there are many Jewish Day Schools, High Schools and College Judaica programs in NC?


Jewish Museums, Exhibits and Culture

The ``Down Home`` program at Duke is one of many Jewish Cultural experiences in North Carolina.

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