North Carolina Museum of Art Judaic Art Gallery

One of only two Judaic collections in a state-sponsored American Museum, the NCMA’s Judaic Art Gallery features Jewish ritual art spanning three centuries and four continents.  Opened at the Raleigh museum in 1983, the Gallery was the inspiration of Dr. Abram Kanof, a physician who was a noted scholar and collector of Judaica.  The Gallery, recently expanded, includes a Baroque Venetian Torah crown, eighteenth-century Torah finials from Amsterdam’s Great Synagogue, and a Torah case fashioned by Chinese craftsmen for an Indian synagogue.


Triangle Jewish Chorale

Founded in 1994, The Triangle Jewish Chorale features Jewish music in a variety of languages including Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino.  Under conductor Lorena Guillen, it premiered the cantata Down Home, which featured texts from the JHFNC’s oral-history interviews in a musical setting by composer Alejandro Rutty.


Jewish Heritage in Western North Carolina

Jewish Heritage in Western North Carolina is an online resource employing photographs, documents, and oral histories held at the D. Hiden Ramsey Library at UNC-Asheville.