The Berman Jewish Data Bank recently released their 2019 US Jewish population report that confirms what we can see with our own eyes.  North Carolina’s Jewish population is growing, and growing fast.

Courtesy of the Berman Jewish Databank.

Since 1980 the percentage of Jews in the South Atlantic states has grown 62 percent, while North Carolina’s has grown 247 percent.  The Jewish population of North Carolina in 2019 is now estimated at 45,935, constituting .4 percent of the state’s population.  Demographers Ira Sheshkin and Arnold Dashefsky estimate 6,970,000 Jews nationally, constituting 2.1 percent of the US population.  There’s still room to grow as the Jewish population shifts into the Sunbelt.

City populations—some based on estimates, others on scientific polling—also show how our communities have grown.  While old, small mill and market towns struggle, Sunbelt centers are expanding exponentially.  Communities that historically had counted Jews in the hundreds now count them in the thousands.

Charlotte-Concord: 12,000

Durham-Chapel Hill  7,500

Greensboro, 3,000

Raleigh-Cary 15,000

Western North Carolina 4,200

Winston-Salem 1,200

JHNC is so excited to document and contribute to this next chapter in our state’s Jewish story, and can’t wait to get to know our expanding community better.

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