Virtual City Tour – Asheville, NC

Learn about the Jewish History of Asheville, NC with The Family Store Downtown Walking Tour!

If you’ll be in Asheville, make a reservation to take this tour live! Visit History@Hand to book.

Main Street Walking Tour – Hendersonville, NC

This film focuses on the Jewish merchants on Main Street from the early 1900s through 2010s, as told by Dr. Mike Beckerman, who grew up in the area.

Storied Past, Building a Future Podcast – Wilmington, NC

Built in 1876 at Fourth and Market streets, Wilmington’s Temple of Israel is believed to be the oldest synagogue in North Carolina and the 10th oldest in the United States in continuous use.

This talk features longtime Temple members Glenn and Beverly Tetterton about the history of the Temple, the history of Jewish people in Wilmington, and about the ongoing campaign to raise money to restore the historic building.